The Chantry Library, the reference collection of conservation literature owned and managed by the Oxford Conservation Consortium,  has introduced a series of subject bibliographies to its website, with the aim of providing curated information through key information sources about a given subject, chosen by a specialist. The bibliographies include a brief description and evaluation, to inform readers of the content, relevance, and quality of the sources cited, making it easier to evaluate the literature on each given subject.

I was asked to contribute to the second of these subject bibliographies, with a suggestion of key texts on the conservation of Egyptian tomb painting:  my selection, the rational behind the choices, and more about the library can be found here:

There is also a piece on the bibliographies on the news page of the ICON website, which can be found here:

The image used in the headline for the bibliography is from the Tomb of Menna Conservation project, with a photo of the figure of Menna in flat, raking and UV light, by photographer Katy Doyle. A brief introduction to the project at the tomb of Menna can be found here on the portfolio page of this website:

The Tomb of Menna, Valley of the Nobles, Luxor, Egypt