Over the last month I have worked with my colleague, conservator of polychrome sculpture, Seppe Roels, on his project on a couple of pieces of beautiful 16th century polychrome wooden sculpture, in Belgium. The pieces were from M Museum, in Leuven.  The museum has a comprehensive collection of medieval sculpture, and is currently holding an exhibition on pieces from Bruges: M Leuven Old Master Sculptures from Bruges.

One of the sculptures, a very fine George and Dragon, will appear in a forthcoming exhibition on the  historical and artistic role of the legend of St George, at: MAC’s BE, which will include scientific research and works of art related to the legend, from major institutions.

More details about the conservation work, and images, on this later, once the exhibition has opened. Meanwhile in summary the work on both pieces largely involved the removal of heavy wax coatings, some cleaning and consolidation and as well as investigation and examination of the paint layers using UV and photographic analysis.  The photos used here show details of the wax build up and of the fine gilded decoration.