This was a long term project with conservator Michael Eastham on the beautiful 14th century Grandison Monument, for Blanche Mortimer, in Much Marcle, Gloucestershire.

The effigy of Blanche Mortimer  is described by Simon Jenkins in his book ‘England’s Thousand Best Churches’ as “an image as lovely as any bequeathed by a medieval church”

It is also mentioned by Sir Nikolaus Pevsner “The head is strikingly beautiful, eyes closed and lips slightly parted. Beautiful hands with long fingers…..moreover the most surprising demonstration of realism in the way the train of her long skirt hangs down over the tomb-chest.”

Michael had been working on the monument for several years, and I was involved with him on it on and off throughout the project.

This film explains more about the monument,  the conservation and also the unusual discovery during the work.

And here is a piece about the work from the Hereford Times:

Hereford Times Blanche Mortimer Memorial